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"Farty" Party Hummus

"I don't fart, I whisper in my panties..." - Anonymous

"Farty" Party Hummus

This has been the recipe that everybody has been waiting for, super easy to make and a blast at every party. We feel it is our responsibility to also put some precautions out there when making this recipe, since not everybody appreciates a "farty" party. As previously advised through our IG channel, when reproducing this recipe, please make sure to maintain a 1,5m distance from your friends and ideally wear a mask at all times. Another piece of advice which we think is quite helpful is the frequent ventilation of any room.


Ingredients - Cranberry & White Bean Hummus /

21 servings


  • 400g White Bean

  • 100g Cranberry

  • 65g Tahini

  • 50g Olive Oil

  • 2 Lemons (juice)

  • Salt

  • Herbs de Provence

Put on

  • Any type of cracker.

  • Veggie sticks (think carrots, celery, cucumber).

  • Anything you like, since it goes amazing with everything.


1. Everything just goes into our beloved food processor.

2. Easy peasy make sure to just put the lemon squeezy in there. Ready to spin it and voila, we got our delicious easy hummus.

This hummus is basically an all time staple of our fridge, since it goes perfectly well with Michael's snacking behaviour. We have to say though, usually this one is made for 21 servings, but it barely ever makes 21 servings, since most ends up eaten before.

Remember the best part comes after... Let the farty party begin!

Hummus on 3!

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