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"Can't Ketchup" w/Mahomes

"Allow me to introduce myself Mr. Brady. I am the future." - Patrick Mahomes

"Can't Ketchup" w/Mahomes

It's the moment the world has been waiting for...Catto's Kitchen has finally been able to agree to the terms & conditions of the sponsorship that Patrick Mahomes has been missing in his portfolio until now. Let us introduce to you "Can't Ketchup" w/Mahomes. Patrick loves his Ketchup, so the mission was clear: Create a unique blend of flavors which will take you by surprise. This should taste like the victory of the Chiefs during the Super Bowl 2020 in your mouth.


Ingredients - Can't Ketchup w/Mahomes /

60 servings (15g per serving)

Curry Ketchup

  • 1 1/2 Red Onions

  • 1 TS Olive Oil

  • 35g Tomato Paste

  • 1 TS Curry Powder

  • 1/2 TS Smoked Paprika

  • 1/4 TS Cayenne Pepper

  • 1/4 TS Chilli Powder

  • 1/4 Cinnamon

  • 1 Can Diced Tomatoes (460g)

  • 75g Maple Syrup (we used Agave Syrup)

  • 50g Apple Cider

  • Salt

  • Pepper


  • To dip your Sweet Potato Fries in.

  • Surprise everyone during your next BBQ to add on meat, sausages, or any other stuff your throw on there.

  • Add it like a hot sauce on everything you eat (be like Mike).


1. Use a big pot to heat up the olive oil and add the onions to it (slightly chopped).

2. Once they are a slightly roasted, add the tomato paste and allllllll the spices. Spoiler alert: It will smell intense.

3. Next you will throw in the canned tomatoes, maple syrup & apple cider. Don't forget about our best friends in the kitchen: Salt and pepper.

4. Let everything cook for about 35 minutes on medium heat, every now and then stir the bubbly mix.

5. Now it's time to blend everything.

Bottle it all up and make sure to brag to all your friends how you made your own ketchup. We are 100% sure that they would love to see all about it on Instagram and that is the kind of content they have been waiting for from you. Make sure to always tag @cattos_kitchen, so we can share your story with all of our followers!

Bottle it up on 3!

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