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"Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie" Dip

"Shrimply the best!" - Tina Turner... oh wait, The Catto's

"Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie" Dip

We've sorted through all the family cabinets, we have asked our families to help, and this recipe has been handed down for generations in the Catto family. It started back in 1776 when great-great-great-...-grandma looked at her husband and asked: "What shall I prepare as a snack for the Super Bowl?!"... Alright, maybe we can't trace the recipe back that far, but hey, don't we all love our food served with a side of a good story?!


Ingredients - Shrimp Dip /

6 servings

Curry Ketchup

  • 270g Shrimps

  • 1/2 Red Onion

  • 150g Skyr Yoghurt Natural

  • 85g Skyr Cream Cheese

  • 50g Cocktail Sauce

  • 25g Sriracha Sauce

  • 10g Agave Syrup

  • Salt

Good for

  • Dipping your Fritos.

  • Adding on top of your Doritos chips.

  • For the still healthy people between us, how about a rice cracker?


1. Cut up the shrimps into tinny pieces, so small you almost will need a microscope. Do the same for the onion. Unless you like big chunks of course!

2. In a bowl, add the above, and because the shrimps like a wet environment, make sure to bath them in all the wet ingredients. Little side note, you know how we love our proteins, Skyr is just that, a protein bomb, but if you prefer, you can substitute the Skyr yoghurt and Skyr cream cheese for just the basic stuff.

3. Now stir it all up, add salt for taste. And you are ready to dip.

Caution, this recipe is 100% addictive, make sure to limit usage to special occasions, since this can get out of hand VERY fast. Just ask Jabba a.k.a. Father Matthew. We usually get this recipe on family gatherings, but once we put our own spin to it, well, let's just say those "special occasions" have become more and more frequent.

Dip it on 3!

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