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Orangelicious Olive "Living-off-the-land" Loaf

"If Agnes has 2 Oranges and Michael has 4 Eggs? What does that make?" - The Cattos

The Land Can Provide (Almost) All You Need

As you might know, we have been fortunate enough to be living off the land for some time now. Picture this, endless amounts of fresh squeezed orange juice every single morning, the most virgin of all the virgin olive oils and free-range/pastured/organic/non-hormone eggs which are the result of our dogs scaring the living *$#@ out of las chicas, aka our neighbor Paco's chickens. With direct access to these ingredients, we have created something simple, yet orangelicious. Make sure you get the freshest Valencias (thank you Red P. for the inspiration) also commonly known as oranges.


Ingredients - Orange Loaf / 10 servings

  • 75ml fresh pressed Orange Juice

  • 60ml virgin Olive Oil

  • 4 large Eggs

  • 60g Flour (we love coconut, so our choice: coconut flour)

  • 25g Sugar (guess what, again we opt for coconut sugar)

*If you still haven't purchased this protein, now is the time!

Pairing ideas

  • A cup of coffee, or how we prefer ours, in the form of a flat white with Oatly Barista Edition milk.

  • A cup of Chai.

  • Your favorite tea of all time.


1. Mix all the wet ingredients together (orange juice, olive oil & eggs). 2. In a different bowl, mix together the protein powder*, flour and sugar. Fold in the wet ingredients (if you don't know what that means, just dump it in with a spoon and mix it). Ideally, you want to add a pinch of cinnamon, salt and cardamon for the extra flava flav. 3. Line a baking tin with a sheet of baking paper, pour the mix in and place in the preheated oven (180C in Europe or for our American crowd 350F). Sorry the rest of the ingredients you need to consult our best friend señor Google. 4. After approximately 40 min your house should have that sweet smell of fresh baked deliciousness. Remember this recipe is valid for 10 servings, if you are tracking religiously.

*if you are not using the mentioned MyProtein pancake mix, make sure to add some baking powder to the protein powder

Now, we hope we brought a piece of Spain to your home.

Enjoy the smell, but even more so, enjoy the latest recipe and let us know what you want to see next! Buen provecho,

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