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Krümmelmonster Dough Balls

"I am into cookie dough into my mouth." - Cookie Monster

Eat more raw foods, they say!

It's good for you, they say! After last week's rather complex recipe, we're getting back to our roots and keeping it under 5 ingredients. Very important piece of advice: Make sure that while mixing the ingredients there is still some dough left to ACTUALLY make the balls. So no rolling-one-ball-take-a-spoon-full-of-dough, roll another one, and...oopsss, the whole bowl is empty and I only made 2 balls.

This is the perfect snack for on the go, morning or afternoon. Or let's face it, even better after checking the fridge for the 100th time today and hoping the contents have changed since the last time you looked 5 minutes ago. (Well, you never know what you might find this time!). It's perfect to calm your cravings, at least until checking the fridge for the 101st time.


Ingredients - Krümmelmonster Dough Balls / aprox. 8 servings

Roll in

  • Coconut Shreds (rich in fiber & MCT oils)

  • Chia Seeds (antioxidants, great protein source & full of Omega 3 fats)

  • Cacao Powder (Polyphenols, which might prevent heart disease)


1. Once again, we will need the food processor from last week, so we hope you didn't bury it all the way in the back of your cabinets. 2. Mix the first four ingredients: oats, protein powder, peanut butter and sweetener in the food processor. Once you have a rich batter, you can add the chocolate chips and mix them into the batter. 3. Start rolling approximately 30g heavy balls out of the batter. 4. We suggest a couple of options to roll the balls in, but feel free to just eat them as they are, without adding additional flavors/calories to it.

Btw, if you don't know what Krümmelmonster means, well, what are you waiting for, google it. But we have a little tip for you, you will see his hand reaching into the picture on our IG post which lists the ingredients you need for this recipe.

And remember: They see me rollin', they hatin', patrollin and tryna catch me ridin' dirty. So make sure to always wash your hands before you start to roll those delicious balls. Buen provecho,

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