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King Willem's Oranje Protein Loaded Oats

"I always like to make sure I load up on the proteins before a full day of partying." - what King Willem probably would say

It's happening...King's Day is here

Today is the day, where anywhere you go in the Netherlands, the only thing you will see is orange. No, this is not because you had too much carrot juice lately, it's a thing the Dutchies decided to do a long time ago. Apparently nobody from the fashion department had a say in this since, let's be honest, who can really pull off an outfit in orange?! Since the whole country will be day drinking the whole day on land or on a boat in the water, let's make sure that you don't miss out on your protein intake. Therefore, we have decided to share Agnes's favourite brekkie choice, the Carrot Cake Loaded Protein Oats, or alternatively named the King Willem's Orange Protein Loaded Oats


Ingredients - Carrot Cake Loaded Protein Oats /

1 serving



  • Nut Butter - Adding that TBSP of some sort of nut butter because let's be honest, who would turn down an opportunity to add some type of nut butter into any meal?!?

  • (Frozen, dried or) Fruit - Top it off with some blueberries, cherries, cranberries. Either frozen, fresh or even dried, whatever your preference.


1. Grate the carrot into a bowl/container of your choice.

2. Add the oats, Skyr, Protein Powder, cinnamon and salt.

3. Pour the Almond Milk into the whole concoction and let it sit in the fridge for a moment for the flavours to blend together. If you happen to be late for that boat, don't worry, just take it straight with you.

4. Don't forget to add the fruit or nut butter to make it even more delicious then it already is.


This whole mix will set you up for success and most importantly it will set a good base for the day of drinking and indulging in Tompouce ahead. Don't forget to get another solid refuel meal at some point, since otherwise even this base won't hold you over for the day.

What's your Oranje dish look like today?! Tag us @Catto's_Kitchen!

Oranje Boven!

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