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Catching Up With The Catto's

In 2017, Michael and Agnes joined forces. Agnes, who until then just posted her food on Instagram, decided to put all her eggs in one basket and couple with the internationally known Catto's Kitchen. Ever since they have been traveling the globe, tasting different cuisines and replicating favorite dishes with their own unique flavor.

  • Do you love food? 

  • Are you willing to try new things?

  • Are you interested in hitting your macros or are you simply looking for some inspiration to replace your boring old recipes?

  • Are you ready for Catto's Kitchen to spill the beans on their secret ingredients?

Spoiler alert, the secret ingredient is not love, since there is no way for us to bottle this up...BUT we promise to get you as close as possible so you can replicate our all-time favorites.

And remember, there is no such thing as (2) too many cooks in Catto's Kitchen​.

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Meet Michael, Crossfit lover, tech enthusiast and explorer of all things food, fitness and wellness. Always trying to hit his macros, he will surprise you with out of this world food combos.

The gym is not the only place he likes to sweat...he loves his food spice.

And don't be offended if he won't try your meal before smothering it with hot sauce. 

Ingredients Michael can't live without: Peanut Butter, Eggs and Sweet potato.

Agnes, with an obsession for fitness, a special interest in the functioning of the female body, finds her zen moments in the kitchen.

She grew up on a rather basic/questionable diet but don't worry her taste buds have since developed.
She has a special appreciation for everything in the sweets department.

Ingredients Agnes can't live without: Fig, Avocado and Almond Butter (to name something different than Michael). 


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